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I am a professor at the department of mathematical sciences. I've got my Ph.D. from the symbolic computation research team in LIP6 (laboratory of informatics of Paris 6 university) in France in 2006. For two years from 2005 till 2007, I was an ATER (a kind of postdoc position with teaching task) in LIP6.

Tel: (+98) 31 33 91 36 35
Fax: (+98) 31 33 91 26 02
E-mail: Amir dot Hashemi at cc dot iut dot ac dot ir
Nationality: Iranian
Born: May 28, 1975 in Borojerd  (Iran)

Informatics Knowledge:

  • Language: Pascal, Maple, Macaulay 2, Singular, Latex, Scheme
  • Systems: Linux, Windows

Practised languages:

  • Persian: mother tongue
  • French: fluently (four months course in Iran and four months course at Tourain institute, Tours, France)
  • English: well (intermediate level; four months course at the institute language and business, Paris)

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی