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2002–2006: Informatics thesis at university Paris 6, Paris (France)
Thesis subject: Structure and Complexity of Grobner bases
Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Lazard
Mention: Tres Honorable
1999–2002: Logic thesis at Tarbiat-Modares university, Tehran (Iran)
Thesis subject: Logic theory
Supervisor: Dr. Mojtaba Moniri
Not finished
1997–1999: M.Sc of Mathematics at Amir-Kabir university of technology, Tehran (Iran)
M.Sc subject: On the Fitting ideals in free resolutions
Supervisor: Dr. Farhad Rahmati
Mention: Very good
1993–1997: B.S of Mathematics at Sharif university of technology, Tehran (Iran)
B.S subject: Enriched Category
Supervisor: Dr. Amir Daneshgar
Mention: Very good
1993: High school degree of Mathematics in Borojerd (Iran)


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