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Journal Papers
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A General Model for I/O System Theory January 2000
A Note on the Fitting Ideals in Free Resolutions January 2001
Almost polynomial Complexity for Zero-dimensional Grobner Bases January 2005
Structure and Complexity of Grobner Bases January 2006
Fuzzy Sets From a Meta-System-Theoretic Point of View January 2006
Strong Noether Position January 2006
Efficient Computation of Syzygies by Faugere's F5 Algorithm January 2007
Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Hilbert Series of Borel Type Ideals January 2007
Polynomial Complexity for Hilbert Series of Borel Type Ideals January 2007
Efficient Algorithms for Computing Noether Normalization January 2008
A Hybrid Algorithm for Solving 7 Parameters Transformation January 2009
Nullstellensatze for Zero-dimensional Grobner Bases January 2009
Strong Noether Position and Stabilized Regularities January 2010
Extended F5 Criteria January 2010
Orientation Relative a Partir de 3 Points Homologues et de la Direction Verticale January 2010
Sharper Complexity Bounds for Zero-dimensional Grobner Bases and Polynomial System Solving January 2011
Applying IsRewritten Criterion on Buchberger Algorithm January 2011
Erratum to "A New Algorithm for Discussing Grobner Bases with Parameters" [J.S.C. 33(1-2)(2002) 183-208] January 2011
A New Solution to the Relative Orientation Problem Using Only 3 Points and the Vertical Direction January 2011
Computing Syzygies by Faugère’s F5 Algorithm January 2011
Quasi-Stability Versus Genericity February 2012
Comprehensive Involutive Systems January 2012
A Variant of Gerdt's Algorithm for Computing Involutive Bases January 2012
Using Grobner Bases for Factoring Polynomials over Algebraic Extension Fields January 2012
Efficient Computation of Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularit January 2012
Applying Buchberger's Criteria on Montes DISPGB Algorithm January 2012
Classification of Finite Rings: Theory and Algorithm January 2013
Computing Minimal Polynomial of Matrices over Algebraic Extension Fields January 2013
Applications of Differential Algebra for Computing Lie Algebras of Infnitesimal CR-automorphisms January 2013
Direct Calculation of the 7 Parameters Transformation Problem January 2013
Involutive Bases Algorithm Incorporating F5 Criterion January 2013
On Application of Buchberger's Criteria in G2V Algorithm for Computing Grobner Bases January 2013
Invariant G2V Algorithm for Computing SAGBI-Grobner Bases January 2013
Minimal Polynomial Systems for Parametric Matrices January 2013
A Note on Grobner Bases and Graph Colorings January 2013
Applying Buchberger’s Criteria for Computing Grobner Basis over Finite Chain Rings January 2013
An Improvement of Rosenfeld-Grobner Algorithm August 2014
Deterministically Computing Reduction Numbers of Polynomial Ideals September 2014
Solving Linear System of Equations over Integers with Groebner Bases January 2014
Effective Computation of Radical of Ideals and Its Application to Invariant Theory August 2014
Simple Proofs of Some ‎Theorems ‎in ‎‎Resultant ‎Theory September 2015
Regular Chains under Linear Changes of Coordinates and Applications September 2015
Improved Computation of Involutive Bases Summer 2016
A Note on Dynamic Grobner Bases Computation Summer 2016
Lie Algebras of Infinitesimal CR Automorphisms of Weighted Homogeneous and Homogeneous CR-Generic Submanifolds of C^N Summer 2016
Plain, and Somehow Sparse, Univariate Polynomial Division on Graphics Processing Units July 2017
Parametric FGLM algorithm September 2017
Grobner Systems Conversion March 2017
Dimension-Dependent Upper Bounds for Grobner Bases July 2017
Deterministic genericity for polynomial ideals. June 2018